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http://www.leafly.com/news/products/5-great-pain-relief-high-cbd-cannabis-strains-from- English, Israel: New CBD-Rich Strain 'Avidekel', Sets New Medicinal  1:1 Blend : Midnight Oil (CBD 10-13 mg/ml + THC 14-17 mg/ml). Increase dose by CBD Blend : Avidekel Oil (CBD 20-25 mg/ml + THC <2 mg/ml). Ideal CBD  AVIDEKEL | CBD | Tikun Olam Avidekel is an indica-dominant hybrid strain that will help restore and stabilize you. Dubbed the first “highless marijuana” by Reuters in 2012, this CBD-rich cannabis has made its way onto numerous “best of” lists in the US and Canada for its quality and effects. Avi-Dekel Cannabis Strain Information | Leafly Avi-Dekel is a sativa-dominant strain developed by Tikun Olam to contain high levels of CBD and almost no THC. Its CBD content, reaching as high as 15.8 percent, is intended to treat inflammation

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An Israeli medical cannabis firm has completed an autism clinical trial with CBD-rich Avidekel cannabis oil. The results are promising. Media images of sick children taking cannabis oil brought medical cannabis to the mainstream. Often, the most extreme cases made the biggest impacts —people like Charlotte Figi, Alyssa Erwin, Haleigh Cox.Most families will never endure the trials of caring Avidekel [30ml] (600mg CBD) | Tikun | Tincture - Jane Find information about the Avidekel [30ml] (600mg CBD) Tincture from Tikun such as potency, common effects, and where to find it. Our full-spectrum cannabis oil tincture is made with high-purity distillate and all-natural ingredients. Using CO2, we extract the oil from the whole flower, purify it to a high degree, and then reintroduce the Tikun Avidekel CBD-rich Tincture 3000mg | Weedmaps Tikun’s Avidekel strain is the most researched strain in the world, and is CBD-rich with less than 1% THC. This high-potency product was specially designed to match the formulation used in our published study on Avidekel for pediatric autism patients, after being sought out by mothers and caretakers alike. Tikun Avidekel 15 to 1 Tincture High CBD - Shop FL Avidekel is a high CBD indica dominant strain with virtually no THC. It is non psychoactive and great to consume anytime of day or night. It reduces swelling and relieves inflammatory pain, seizures, and symptoms of autoimmune diseases like MS and ALS.

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Jul 03, 2012 · Tikun Olam began its research on CBD enhanced cannabis in 2009 and about six months ago they came up with Avidekel, Klein said, a cannabis … High CBD Strains: Which Strains of Cannabis Produce the Avidekel. Avidekel is a high-CBD hemp strain that was bred by a cannabis developer and manufacturer in Israel. Avidekel is noteworthy for containing the lowest THC levels of any cannabis plant available today, supposedly close to 0%. And with an approximate CBD level of 16%, it’s still a potent source of CBD. The Effects of Cannabis on Dystonia and Spasticity on The Effects of Cannabis on Dystonia and Spasticity on Pediatric Patients. Each group will be randomly divided into two arms and will receive Avidekel cannabis oil 6-to-1 ratio of CBD to THC or enriched Avidekel cannabis oil 20-to-1 ratio of CBD to THC. During the study, various variables will be collected including: medication intake Avidekel Seeds - Marijuana Seeds Price Compare

Her claim to fame, obviously, is the way in which medical issues are handled, as CBD potency this high is sure to do some pretty amazing things. Avidekel is ideal for treating issues relating to both mind and body, making her a well-rounded bud.

Avidekel Strain Review and Information | Indica-Hybrid Find information about the Avidekel strain, user reviews, local availability, lineage, growing, brands and more. Avi-Dekel is a sativa-dominant strain coming from Tikun Olam. It has been engineered to contain almost no THC but instead to have high levels of CBD. Thus, patients get the treatment they need for ailments such as muscle spasms, depression, and cancer symptoms without the TO Avidekel CBD Topical Cream [2oz] - Las Vegas | CBD Shop for TO Avidekel CBD Topical Cream [2oz] and other cannabis products in Las Vegas at Jardín Premium Cannabis Dispensary. Jardín is your premier Medical & Recreational Marijuana Dispensary in … #1 Teacher Cbd Oil - Tikun Avidekel Cbd Oil Myle Cbd Oil CBD Oil Benefits | Tikun Avidekel Cbd Oil Cbd Oil Organic Companies Best Cbd Oil 750mg. Myle Cbd Oil Cbd Oil Raid : Cbd Oil Pure Capsule My Prime Cbd Oil: Cbd Oil Near 55107 Cbd Oil Dilators: Teacher Cbd Oil Jaws Cbd Oil E Juice Cbd Oil Cbd Oil In Soda Cbd Hemp Oil Rollitup American Shamon Cbd Oil.